About Us


DSP Slimes is a contemporary slime brand based in Massachusetts. Our slime is formulated to last for a long time. All recipes are meticulously scrutinized to ensure the highest quality is upheld. Our collections have been skillfully designed and created with the attention to detail being of upmost importance.

We craft high-quality unique handmade slime. All our collections are small to remain exclusive and of the highest quality possible. Creating our slime in small batches ensures that each slime meets our standard and the standard of our customers. 


DSP Slimes started in 2017 when the founder Daniel sold his slime at a local festival after an entire year of testing recipes and formulas. Immediately, sales took off.

Over the years, DSP Slimes was sold at many fairs. In 2019, the business was redirected online after Daniel underwent spinal surgery and was unable to attend festivals.

Since then, DSP Slimes has grown to sell over 3,500 slimes worldwide. Additionally, the business has expanded, selling in four retail stores, and building a social media presence across three platforms with over 6,500 followers.

In 2023, DSP Slimes underwent a rebrand to become a high-end slime company selling slime with an elevated, contemporary appearance.

What started as a hobby, turned into a contemporary slime brand.

DSP Slimes has been featured by WCVB NewsCenter 5, Groton Dunstable Living Magazine, and the Lowell Sun.